About Us

About Us


 JVC Precision was started in 1996 in a 300 sq. ft. building in Santa  Ana, California with only 2 CNC mills.  We moved to a 1200 sq. ft.  building in 1997 and within 3 years we took over 3 additional suites for  a total of 4800 sq. ft. of manufacturing space. Our commitment to  produce quality parts on time with friendly customer service has enabled  us to increase our business. Over the next 12 years our business went  through a rapid expansion, moving into areas such as medical, automotive  and many other diverse industries. Due to our increasingly growing  business, we moved to a new building  with a bigger warehouse for  maximum productivity and quality control. Currently the building  consists of 7000 sq. ft. We accommodate every client no matter how small  the order from producing 1 part or 5000 parts. We treat each and  everyone equally, fair and with respect and will work with our client  every step of the way. We take pride in catering to our client’s needs,  from submission of a drawing, to prototyping and full production run of  parts. We continuously strive to provide our clients with the best  quality service possible to gain their complete satisfaction. 

Our Solutions


 We will assist you and your engineers in design modifications that will  make your CNC machined parts more economical to manufacture. We continue  to purchase the most advanced CNC machines and Cad software available  to insure we are on the cutting edge of technology. 

Our Quality And Service


 We would like to quote your next project or existing parts to show you  what we can do for you. We provide quality products and services at  competitive and affordable prices.